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July Camps

July 10th-14th



Time for an adventure over the rainbow and down the rabbit hole... including rabbit ears, flamingo croquet, a yellow brick road, and a mad tea party!


Based on Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, this week's camp will be full of fun, imagination, and lots of great dancing!


Types of Dance: Jazz & Tap

Movies: Alice in Wonderland- animated version rated G) & The Wizard of Oz (rated PG)

July 17th-21th

Around the World


This week we are taking an adventure around the globe!

Campers will love the variety of this camp. We will experience new dance styles and learn about the country from which each style originates. 


Types of Dance: Scottish, African, Irish, Bollywood, Samba, and various Folk dances.

Movies: Rio (rated G) and The Chipmunk Adventure (rated G)

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