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2024 Classes

Most of our current children's dance classes range from ages 2-15.  However, we are still adding classes to our schedule. If you are interested in enrolling a child outside of these age ranges, please contact us.  We also offer classes for adults (18 and older).

Check our Calendar for our class schedule!
Please note, our summer schedule combines age groups & class ages

Class Descriptions

*If your child fits a combo class but only wishes to take one or two out of the 2 or 3 styles, please let us know. Tuition rates will be altered accordingly.

Tiny Tots (age 2-3)- An introduction to dance through games, creative movement, and basic ballet skills. This class assists toddlers with balance, coordination, and the art of expression through dance and music.

Combo Cuties (ages 4-6)- This class includes tap, and ballet dance styles.

Ballet/Tap Combo (ages 8-12)- A combination of ballet and tap styles with some contemporary style included.  This class is "Competition Optional," allowing students the choice to also compete or choose to perform only at our studio recital.

Jazz/Acro Combo (ages 8-13)- High energy class including jazz dance and an introduction to acrobatics. This class is "Competition Optional," allowing students to also compete or choose to only perform at our studio recital.

Ballet 1 (ages 10-14)- Class for students interested in starting or continuing their ballet education. This class focuses on classic technique to improve posture, strength, and skillset preparing students for pre-pointe.

Hip-Hop (combined ages)- Beginner hip-hop for ages 7-13 (or other ages with approval)

Intermediate Ballet & Pointe (ages 13-17)- For intermediate ballet students with at least 2 years of previous study (students must be approved for pointe)

Adult Classes- Ballet, modern, and jazz dance styles for adult students at entry, beginner, and intermediate levels (each class is taught to address multiple levels)

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